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Vodka+ Premium Craft Vodka 700ml


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Are you a vodka enthusiast? Our vodka is made from Australian grapes with water sourced from the Tasman Ocean. Get ready for a vodka like no other. One of the smoothest vodkas you will ever have!

Smooth doesn’t have to be boring.

Get ready to rock a vodka like no other. Uniquely developed – no potato or grain – Vodka+ Premium Craft is distilled from the same famed grapes harvested for Australia’s legendary wines.

The purest rainwater, captured off the Tasman Ocean and the islands of the Bass Straight, serves as the dearest, freshest base for one of the smoothest vodkas you will ever experience.

Lemon Myrtle botanicals play in flawless harmony with our premium craft vodka, strums your tongue, enticing you to savour the elevated, bluesy riff you were born to enjoy.

700ml | 40%

  • Style: Craft
  • Profile: Citrus
  • Key Botanicals: Lemon Myrtle